La Hacienda

Location: La Hacienda is located in Ras Sudr in South Sinai on the east coast of the Suez Gulf. It is 210 km away from Cairo near the mid-point between Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh road. Not only La Hacienda enables you to enjoy the great weather of Ras Sudr, but La Hacienda is set on a curved shore, occupying the southern part of a bay which gives it a unique beach in Ras Sudr facing North West. The advantage of this beach facing North West is in the fact that it faces a large and long water body that goes along Gulf of Suez. This in turn provides La Hacienda residents the advantage of having the breeze passing over a large water body before reaching the resort. The air gets rid of any dust particles during this journey. Passing over the cool water, the wind loses some of its heat. La hacienda design established the impossible formula of high degree of privacy with a perfect sea view. Built on levels with wide landscape separating the houses and 1200 meter long beach made that combination achievable. Whether you want a small one bedroom chalet or a 4 bedroom villa with a spacious garden and private pool your desire can be satisfied.
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